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Matchbox 10: Red-crowned Roofed Turtle
Scientific name: Batagur kachuga [CR ↓]
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Local name: लाल तिलकवाला / Lal tilakwala [Hindi]
View artwork live on NFT marketplace Named for its streaks of red along its head, the red-crowned roofed turtle has an endearing Hindi name, Lal Tilakwala. लाल ‘Lal’ means red, and तिलक ‘tilak’ is a mark usually worn on the forehead; it can be applied as a symbol of enlightenment or respect, or as a means to honour something. वाला ‘Wala’ is a suffix that can indicate what a person wears. During the breeding season, the male turtles flaunt their ‘tilaks’ of red, yellow and blue along their heads and necks. These freshwater turtles are restricted to the large swift-flowing tributaries of the Ganges, a sacred river to Hindus and a lifeline to the species (including millions of people) who rely on it for survival.
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Location: India