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Matchbox 07: Takin
Scientific name: Budorcas taxicolor [VU ↓]
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Local name: Sugrib [Bhotia]
View artwork live on NFT marketplace In Bhutan, the takin is a living mythical beast. A 15th-century legend attributes its creation to a Tibetan saint, Drukpa Kunley. Known for his eccentricity, the saint performed a miracle after a feast combining the bones of a goat and cow to create a new animal called “Dong Gyem Tsey,” the takin. Declared the national animal of Bhutan for its association with local religion and mythology, the takin is honoured and protected. Likewise, vast areas of Bhutan have been protected as sacred landscapes for centuries. The takin is native to Bhutan, China, northeast India, and northern Myanmar and can be found on steep slopes in pine shrubs, alpine meadows and subtropical forests.
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Location: Bhutan; China; India; Myanmar