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Matchbox 03: Indian Vulture
Scientific name: Gyps indicus [CR ↓]
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Local name: ગિરનારી ગીધ / Girnari Gidh [Gujarati]
View artwork live on NFT marketplace Rising dramatically from the flat plains of Gujarat is an ancient mountain that predates the Himalayas. Mount Girnar is the home of ancient dynasty rock inscriptions, a sacred site for Buddhists, Hindus and Jains, and a nesting ground for the fastest declining species in the world. Known in Gujarat as ગિરનારી ગીધ (Girnari Gidh,) the Indian vulture shifted from being a common bird across the Indian subcontinent to critically endangered in only three decades. The Indian Vulture is mainly found in forests, grasslands and shrublands, and observed near human-occupied spaces across India and parts of Pakistan.
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Location: India; Pakistan