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Matchbox 11: Red Slender Loris
Scientific name: Loris tardigradus [EN ↓]
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Local name: උනහපුළුවා / unahapuluwa [Sinhala]
View artwork live on NFT marketplace Endemic to the rainforests of Sri Lanka, the small, wide-eyed, red slender loris has a misleadingly sweet and cuddly appeal. This loris is known to have very sharp teeth and to bite savagely. As one of the most social nocturnal primates it spends its night grooming, play-wrestling with others in its group, or hunting alone for animal prey (relishing lizards and geckos the most).  By day, the group sleeps together in tangled branches or curled up with their heads tucked between their legs. They hang upside down to breed, and are only willing to mate if a suitable branch is found.
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Location: Sri Lanka