Matchbox (Series 01)

Matchbox (Series 01)

Matchbox (Series 01) is an ongoing collection that documents the fauna of South Asia most critically at risk of extinction.


The humble matchbox is a staple piece of art that lives in most South Asian homes. This vast volume of art has unintentionally documented cultural history. This series adds to that story with the endangered fauna of South Asia that still share the world with us.


Each piece highlights a species and its local name to raise awareness about the role these animals play in our planet and our culture.


15% funds WildlifeSOS to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forest and biodiversity, and 15% funds Elevate’s next NFT creator residency.


This 1/1 collection is hand sketched, digitally illustrated and animated by Reena Mistry of Humble Raja, as part of Canada’s first NFT residency for underrepresented creators.


Reena would be happy to answer any questions you have via email or the social media links below.